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Toronto, ON


A Canadian beard care company that blends  uniquely scented, high quality bead oil and beard balm for all men. 

About Us

We are born and raised Torontonians, who have one more main thing in common - Love for the Beard. We are obsessed with everything and anything to do with “face fuzz”. After using our beard products you may like to think of us as “The Goddesses of Beards”, dedicated team players, determined to fight the horror that plagues the lives of many bearded men (and their lovers) - Scratchy, Smelly Beards.


Beards and Beavers specialize in handcrafted Beard Oil, Beard Balm and hand printed Beard Apparel. We use all natural products and think our Beard Oil is the most phenomenal smelling and super nourishing beard oil currently available (not scientifically proven of course). After months of extensive research and development, endless sample testing, two minor injuries and one kickass, very addictive smelling batch – Beards and Beavers Beard Oil was born.


Our Beard Oil line includes five exclusively fragranced beard oils – that seamlessly blend notes of tree bark, tangerine, musk and vanilla bourbon (there are a few more but those are a secret). Each has an assortment of equally unique benefits, which you can read about on the product page. We have also created a rich Vitamin E blend, ‘Buck Naked’ which has no fragrance, for those of you who like your beard smelling au naturel.


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Our motto at Beards and Beavers: Nothing but love for the Beard