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Toronto, ON


A Canadian beard care company that blends  uniquely scented, high quality bead oil and beard balm for all men. 

Tree Hugger 30ml


We offer premium beard oils and beard balm to help nourish, strengthen and soften your beard, leaving it smelling -oh so heavenly. Choose from a variety of scents, or find a beard oil that matches the type of man that you are. 


Tree Hugger 30ml

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Tree Hugger 30ml


When wielding this scent, you will now become one with nature. This scent will even attract Mother Nature herself. 

Notes of powdery bay rum, sandalwood, and earthy patchouli. 

Ingredients: Jojoba golden oil, hemp seed oil, organic grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, organic safflower oil, vitamin C, vitamin E and an essential blend 

Directions: Really, you need directions? Place a few drops into your palm and massage into your beard.... Its not rocket science. 

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